Adobe snaps up Figma for $20B


It’s a sad day to be a designer. As much as I’m frustrated to hear the news I’m going to take a moment to process how this merger will affect us.

For those who have no idea of what happened: Under the definitive agreement, Adobe has agreed to acquire Figma for approximately $20 billion in cash and stock (read more).

Why we opt to use Figma over Adobe is no mystery for anyone who has been in this industry. It offers cheaper pricing plans, more features, is cloud-based, and most importantly, it was not an Adobe product.

It is backed by a larger community of designers and developers who provide plugins to improve functionality and streamline workflows. It was the work of these individuals that made what Figma is today.

It would be naive to think that Adobe is going to allow Figma to continue the business last usual. They will make changes obviously. Most likely, with the pricing. Adobe is known for its over-priced subscription. The chances are Figma will be collaborating with Adobe Cloud Services.

Of course, it won’t happen right away. It's a process, a long-term investment, so these changes will be rolled-out gradually.



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